Land at Dunstan's Farm

Gladman's planning application for 120 houses on land at Dunstan's Farm has been a cause of serious concern to many in the village. The Parish Council is therefore anxious to pass on the good news that the application has been refused by Horsham District Council. Anyone wanting to see HDC's reasoning can access the Planning Officer's report and the decision notice by going on the HDC website and inserting the planning reference DC/16/2945

The Parish Council cautions though that Gladman may well appeal the decision so this may not be the end of the matter.

 By clicking on Planning Applications, this link will take you direct to the 'HDC Public Access for Planning'. You then can choose from the menu on the Left Hand Side which will take you to various search facilities or, if you know the number of the application (in the form of DC/09/0610) you can go straight to the individual application. One of the simplest ways of seeing if any applications have taken place in your parish (known as a 'ward' in this document) is to complete the 'Application Details' as follows:

Click on the dropdown next to ward and select 'Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead' then, at the bottom of the form, complete 'Date Application Received' and 'to'. This will give you all applications received for this parish between the 2 dates specified.......Clever isn't it?!

(Please use the Frequently Asked Questions as they are very informative. If you are still having problems using the site, please call the Planning Enquiry Desk on 01403 215187.