The West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan   

Update on Neighbourhood Plan - October 2018 - click HERE

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Update on Neighbourhood Plan  - May 2016 - click HERE

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Public meetings took place in September 2015, where developers/landowners gave presentations and/or displays on the sites they are offering for possible development in Partridge Green and Dial Post.  Residents were invited to attend and give their views. 

Partridge Green Options presented.

Dial Post Options presented.

For maps showing the locations of the sites offered click PARTRIDGE GREEN or DIAL POST.

For further information, please email the Parish Clerk on 


16th May 2015  Feedback from Residents - First Public Consultation on Sites

The analysis of the feedback from residents at the first public consultation on sites offered by developers and landowners is available - click HERE.  For the accompanying maps to locate the sites mentioned in the analysis document click PARTRIDGE GREEN or DIAL POST.


 Neighbourhood Plan Documents- Evidence Base

 WSCC Landscape Character Assessment 2003 LW10 Eastern Low Weald

 WSCC A Strategy for the Landscape of West Sussex October 2005 

 DC/13/1187 Appeal decision

 DC/16/2064 HDC Development Management Planning Committee South report November 2016 

 Landscape Assessment Hankinson Duckett Associates September 2014

 Horsham District Council Landscape Character Assessment 2003

 Horsham District Council Landscape Capacity Assessment 2014

 Partridge Green and Dial Post Design Statement 2001 (Large File - 62.75MB)

 Summary of results of the WGNP Public exhibition May 2015

 Site assessments:















 Summary of main results for the Neighbourhood Plan 2014 Questionnaire responses (Click Here)

Summary of Q. A-7 Housing results for the Neighbourhood Plan 2014 Questionnaire responses
(Click Here)



Parishes throughout the country are being encouraged by the Government to draw up neighbourhood plans setting out how they believe their communities should be developed over the next twenty years. The principle underlying it is the much touted notion of ‘localism’ and the idea that local people are better placed to shape the communities they live in than central government.

The view of the Parish Council is that it is critical for the future of West Grinstead Parish that we seize this opportunity. A Working Group has therefore been set up made up of some parish councillors and a few interested residents and members of the business community. It is not though too late to volunteer.

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The Process

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