KGV Playing Fields, Partridge Green

[The Parish Council, as a corporate body, is the Sole Trustee of the King George V Playing Fields, Partridge Green.]


We hope to have a mini-netball court in place in the early part of autumn 2018.  Further details to follow.


New Skate Ramp - MWF (Multi-Wheeled Facility)

We are delighted that the MWF has now been constructed - at long last!  Many thanks to all our supporters and sponsors - we could not have done it without you.

The new MWF is constructed of concrete.  It is sited further away from the Shermanbury Road - midway between the base of the old scout hut and the tennis courts.

All users - please take careful note of the Code of Conduct - displayed at the site and in the notice board by the main gates of the KGV playing fields.  Thank you.

 Outdoor Table Tennis Table (TTT)

An outdoor table tennis table has been installed in KGV playing fields - just south of the playground. You will need to bring your own bats and balls but please feel free to use the TTT when no-one else is using it.